Only 10 Days Left of Build Season!!!

Post date: Feb 12, 2018 1:33:39 AM

With only 10 more days to put finishing touches on the robot and getting it tested, we wanted to provide Robotiators and their families with a full team update.


Our schedule for the remaining days of the season is as follows:

Monday (2/12) 2-4 pm

Tuesday (2/13) 2-8 pm

Wednesday (2/14) 2-4:30 pm

Thursday (2/15) 2-4:30 pm

Friday (2/16) (No School) 9am-5pm. If mentors have Professional Development in the morning then 12:30-5pm

Saturday (2/17) 9am-5pm

Sunday (2/18) Small group at STEM Action Center 10-4 (only allowed 10 people per team as there are 20 teams already signed up) No lunch will be needed for Sunday since we'll be offsite.

Monday (2/19) (No School) 9am-5pm

Tuesday (2/20) 2-8pm BAG UP!!!!

Total Shop Hours Remaining: 40-45 Hours

Immediately following Build Season we will still be meeting everyday after school to finish organization for the following Unbag time of 6 hrs on Saturday (2/24) 9-4 and potentially Sunday (2/25).

Unbag Schedule:

Before each of the two district events there is a 6 hour unbag period that the team is able to make any corrections or adjustments before the event

Saturday (2/24) 9am-4pm

9am-10am Prep for 2 Hr. Unbag

10am-12pm 2 Hr. Unbag

12pm-1pm Lunch and Prep for second 2 Hr. Unbag

1pm-3pm 2 Hr. Unbag

3pm-4pm Prep for bringing robot to STEM Action for Preinspection on Sunday 2/25 (Time frame still to be determined, but sometime around 10am-4pm)

Sunday (2/25) Approximately 10am-4pm


2 Hour Unbag while at STEM Action to test on the playing field once again

The second unbag for the second event will probably be on Saturday, March 9th at school.


All our upcoming events can be found on the Upcoming Events tab. They are as follows:

Battlefield High School

Saturday & Sunday, March 3rd-4th. At Haymarket, VA---Battlefield High School--15000 Graduation Dr, Haymarket, VA 20169.

Bus transportation for Saturday and Sunday. Pickup @ Glenelg @ 6:15 am pickup @ Battlefield High School @ 7:30-8pm, return to Glenelg around 9:30 pm on Saturday, Sundaywill be around 7:30-8 pm.

Oxon Hill High School

Saturday & Sunday, March 17th-18th. At Oxon Hill, MD---Oxon Hill High School—6701 Leyte Dr, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

Bus transportation for Saturday and Sunday. Pickup @ Glenelg @ 6:45 am pickup @ Oxon Hill High School @ 7:30-8pm, return to Glenelg around 8:30-9 pm on Saturday, Sundaywill be around 7 to 7:30 pm.


University of Maryland

District Championship March 29th - March 31st College Park, MD--Xfinity Center at University of Maryland (UMD)

Bus transportation for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Pickup @ Glenelg @ 7:25 am on March 29th, Friday and Saturday pickup at 7:00 (There is no school on Friday). Pickup @ Xfinity Center @ 7-8pm. Return to Glenelg around 7:45-8:30 pm on Thursday and Friday. Saturday will be around 7 pm.

World Championship April 24th-29th Detroit, MI

Still finalizing travel plans for this event.



Please sign up for providing a meal for the team on either of the remaining build days. We no longer need food for Sunday 2/18 because we will be at STEM Action for scrimmage, but need for the Saturday 2/24 for Unbag.

The team will need lunch and dinner for the Saturday and Sunday events, the signup for those events will be forthcoming.

The Saturday and Sunday lunch will be premade sandwiches by a parent, I will get the supplies. If a single parent can make the sandwiches for the Saturday and Sunday it will be easier than trying to break supplies apart. The parent can then either bring to the event to distribute or we can possibly just bring with us in the morning to distribute during the day at lunch. Please let us know if interested in assisting.

The dinners on Saturday and Sunday will be ordered from a nearby place, pizza has worked best on Sunday because that time frame can vary based on each event. The Saturday dinner is still to be determined, again if anyone interested please let us know.


Other General Announcements:


All students need to complete their STIMS and parents need to complete the Consent and Release Form, we still have people that need this completed. You CAN NOT attend FIRST events without this complete.


The team is always in need of new sponsors if your company would like to sponsors the team it would be greatly appreciated. Check out the How To Sponsor Us page for more information!

Hotel for Detroit:

The team is still working on this. Check back soon for updates.

Spiritwear & Merch!!!!:

Items for sale are being finalized, and the link should be on the website this week!!! Make sure to check out some of the new items you can get this year like the hat or lanyard!