Results from the Battle of Baltimore Competition (We Won!)

Post date: Sep 18, 2012 6:33:55 PM

This Saturday, September 16th we had the Battle O' Baltimore competition at New Town High School. We showed up at 7:45 for our matches that began at 9:00.

We started the day by fixing the robot from its damaging fall in practice rounds on Friday.

We then tried out different combinations of drivers and shooters for the first 4 rounds until we found a good combination that we liked.

We finished 6th overall in the preliminary matches and we joined forces with River Hill and Liberty High School to form an alliance for the playoffs.

In the playoffs, we developed a strategy of going after the new red ball element in the game that was worth 20 points, and we won the Tournament!

Liberty High School is on the right, Glenelg is in the Middle, and River Hill is on the left.