Our Mentors

We are grateful to all our wonderful mentors, especially:

Raymond Gerstner (Coach)

Why did you choose to mentor?

To give back to the students of Glenelg and students within FIRST.

Nicholas Formica

Candice Gerstner

Charles Lange

Kate O'Brien

Why did you choose to mentor?

Mr. Gerstner told me I had to. It provides great opportunities for students, but particularly helps them grow in social aspects, such as present and explaining their thought processes to others.

Leazley Humphrey

Why did you choose to mentor?

It started out as a way to get involved with my son's interests, but has become so much more over the years. I love working with the kids and seeing how much they learn and grow. Being a mentor of a team that helps so many other robotics teams and the community is very special. With my son being a senior, it will be sad to see his time here end, but I look forward to more years supporting the team!

Liam Williams

Why did you choose to mentor?

I strongly believe that students' experience in FIRST is extremely valuable in college and in the professional world. Additionally, I really enjoyed my time at world championships in 2018, so I wanted to stick around and help future team members to have a shot at making it all the way up to world championships.

Amalan Iyengar

Rachel Linder

Why did you choose to mentor?

To learn more about the applications of what I teach in the classroom.

Stanley Thomson-Harmon

Ben Miller

Kurt Stetser