Our Leadership

Co-Captain -Jacob Lee

Jacob Lee, who goes by Cob, is a Senior at Glenelg High School and a Co-Captain of team 888. As one of the Co-Captains, Cob helps lead and manages the robotics team. He facilitates meetings, manages the teams' agenda, seeks sponsors, and leads team discussions. He works alongside the other co-captain and the mentors in decision making as the student representative of the team. Cob holds a high responsibility as a team leader and knows that every decision he makes can impact the entire team.

In 2020-2021 season Cob was the Subassembly Lead and Safety Captain, where he was able to gain experience in leadership and in robotics.

Cob's goal for the 2021-2022 season is to inspire and teach new members on the team the meaning behind FIRST and how to build a robot. Also, he hopes to lead the team to our next Worlds Competition.

You can contact Jacob through his Email: x.jacoblee.x@gmail.com

Co-Captain - Vivian Contreras

Vivian Contreras, who is a Junior at Glenelg High School and Co-Captain of team 888. She works alongside Jacob to help run meetings, have widespread team communication, and represent the team at events. Since Vivian is a junior she will be able to continue to pass on leadership experience to other members when the seniors graduate. Also, she will be able to provide guidance to the leadership team elected next year.

Since her freshman year Vivian has continued to work on the Chairman's Award, FIRST's most prestigious award, to showcase the teams' constant effectors to help the community. Also, with the guidance of the previous Co-Captain, Jena Ilango, Vivian was able to become part of the Art team, where she created the 2020-2021 team logo.

Last year, Vivian became the team's first Art Lead, which gave her experience with communication across a larger scale. As well as continue female participation though art.

Vivian's goal for the 2021-2022 season is to prepare another great Chairman's award and begin teaching underclassman how to create the team's future submissions.

You can contact Vivian by email at vivian.contreras723@gmail.com

Build Lead - Colin Costella

Colin Costella, who is a senior at Glenelg High School and the Build Lead of team 888. As a Build Lead Colin works with the subassembly leads to help with managing the creation of the robot. Also, for the last two year Colin had been a member of the Drive Team which manually controls the robot during a competition.

Since his time on the team Colin has been a subassembly lead where he was able to further his experience in leadership and this creates a greater understanding of the part of the team he mainly works with. He closely relies on each member who dedicates their time working on the robot as he knows that he needs everyone's handwork to be ready for each competition.

For the 2022 season Colin wants to teach as many new members as possible while making sure each is prepared for success. Eventually, he wants to see the team flourish and become better and better each year.

Business Lead -Aleena Khan

Systems Lead - Ryan Cather

Ryan is a Senior at Glenelg High School and the team's Systems Lead. This position means he oversees and manages the coding and wiring of the robot by keeping track of inputs and outputs, directing the coding and electrical teams, and helping approve the various components. It is also essential that he effectively communicates with the build lead in order for successful integration of mechanical and software systems.

Ryan's favorite part about robot is that it gives him the opportunity to learn new, interesting topics. Although he has taken computer science classes, robot given him the most real world experience in these fields. Robot also allows him to work on individual projects that him am passionate about.