Our Leadership

Co-Captain -Jena Ialongo

Jena Ialongo is a Senior at Glenelg High School anda Co-Captain of team 888. As one of the Co-Captains, Jena helps leads and manages the robotics team. She facilitates meetings, writes proposals, seeks sponsors, and leads team discussions. She works alongside the other co-captain and the mentors in decision making as the student representative of the team. Jena holds a high responsibility as a team leader and knows that every decision she makes can impact the entire team.

You can contact Jena through her Email: jenaialongo@gmail.com

Co-Captain - Ajitesh Kaladi

Ajitesh Kaladi is a Junior at Glenelg High School and is the other Co-Captain of team 888. He works along with Jena to run meetings, ensure team wide communication, and represent the team at events. Since he is a Junior, he will have leadership experiencce to pass on after the seniors graduate. This allows him to bring leadership experience to the leadership team that is be elected the following year.

As a builder, Ajitesh's favorite part of being on Team 888 is being able to solve real world problems and always keep improving on solutions that he and the team develop. He loves the challenges that building presents and the fact that the methods of solving a task is never finished and can always get better from year to year.

Last year, Ajitesh was the Safety Captain, which gave him experience in working with communicating with others to be responsible and safe. He also is in a program at Glenelg High where he guides underclassmen and new students at Glenelg High as their mentors to ease their transition into high school. Ajitesh's goal for team 888 is to not just build a robot but to build skills in order to prepare us for the future.

You can contact Ajitesh by email at ajiteshk14@gmail.com

Build Lead - Derek Spratley

Vitrorio, better know as "Vito" is the team's current Build Lead. Vito's job is to manage subassembly team leaders in order to curate robot design and construction. He also leads and organizes meetings involving robot build and design topics. Vito works closely with the systems lead (Emily) to communicate plans for electronics implementation and plans for robot functionality. He also oversees the CAD design for the robot and makes sure that subassembly teams document their work.

After two years on the robot Drive Team, Vito has become a well known representative of the team, on and off the field. Vito is a national advocate for STEM education as well as a football and lacrosse player. Through these communities, Vito has been able to meet and befriend many people, his favorite group of friends being robotics.

Vito's main goal for the team this year is to build a robot using efficient mechanisms that will help them qualify for the Wolrd Championship once again.

Vito can be contacted through is Email: vitodivalentin@gmail.com

Outreach Lead - TBD

Jack Simmons is a Senior at Glenelg High School and leads the outreach division of the team. He organizes STEM and community service events and 'reaches out' to other robotics teams to develop and maintain professional relationships with them. Jack also acts in part of the FIRST organization as a whole by participating as an ambassador for the program. As an ambassador, Jack is responsible for leading students and parents around at competitions as well as giving tours to sponsors.

Jack has been on the team for 3 years and has created many friendships and bonds. His favorite part about robotics is the friendly atmosphere that has developed at 888. "I can always come in and feel welcomed by everyone."

Jack's goal for the team is to expand our outreach program until we are able to mentor all students before they enter high school. After learning STEM for their entire academic career, students could join FIRST robotics teams to further their STEM education and gain real-life experience.

You can contact xxxxx through his Email:xxxxxx@gmail.com or his Phone: 000 000 0000

Business Lead - TBD

xxxxx is a Senior at Glenelg High School and is beginning her second year on the team. Nicole's responsibilities include coordinating fundraising, helping to write the team budget, and overseeing the tasks of the treasurer. Nicole spent much of the 2017-2018 season fundraising so the team could go to the World Championship, which costs about $25,000. Much of her dedication to the team help find local sponsors and build relationships with companies.

Nicole's goal this year is to better manage the team's budget so that we spend money more efficiently. She also helps build the robot'd bumpers and wants to continue finding sponsors. Nicole also helped to design the team's 2017-2018 logo with her talented art skills. This logo is was painted by her onto the robot's shipping crate and sent to Worlds.

The best way to contact Nicole is her Email: n_patsy07@aol.com or Phone: (301) 204-0780

Systems Lead - Ryan Cather

Ryan is a Sophomore at Glenelg High School and the team's Systems Lead. This position means he oversees and manages the coding and wiring of the robot by keeping track of inputs and outputs, directing the coding and electrical teams, and helping approve the various components. It is also essential that he effectively communicate with the build lead in order for successful integration of mechanical and software systems.

Ryan's favorite part about robot is that it gives him the opportunity to learn new, interesting topics. Although he has computer science classes, robot given him the most real world experience in these fields. Robot also allows him to work on individual projects that him am passionate about.

His goals for the team are to develop an effective organization system that allows for the optimum efficiency of the team. Ryan also hopes that we can continue to recruit new members by becoming more inclusive and learning how to better teach and develop young, inexperienced kids. "I think the most important goal is to be accepting of those kids who do not know about building or coding and be able to teach them these skills in a manner that is informative and not condescending."

The best way to contact Emily is through her Phone: (443) 326-3569