Our Leadership

Captain - Spencer McGrath     Class of 2024

BIO: I am a four year member and enjoy building specifically the electronics. When I stepped up to be the captain, I did it to help push the team forward. I plan on studying engineering and robotics in college, and In my free time, I enjoy running long distance. 

Build Lead - Drew Balanis     Class of 2024

BIO: This is my second year being a Robotiator, and I love being part of robotics. It's a fun community and the creative aspect of building a robot makes me strive to be my best. In college, I plan on studying mechanical engineering, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball.

 Business Lead - Colin Cole     Class of 2024

BIO: I'm a third year Robotiator, I enjoy robotics because robots are like a sport for your brain. As the business lead, I help keep funds coming in so the team can explore different robots. In my spare time, I enjoy playing all kinds of video games. I plan on studying aerospace engineering.


Systems Lead - Alexander Chapin     Class of  2025

BIO: When I got into robotics it was because of my interest in electrical engineering, I plan on studying either electrical engineering or computer engineering. In my free time, I enjoy playing hockey and coding.

Artreach Lead - Nchabanu  Atangcho     Class of 2025

BIO: This is my second year in robotics, and the thing I love the most is the individualism and the creative freedom I get from being in robotics.  In my free time I love reading mythological fiction and playing video games like League of Legends.  When I graduate, I look forward to studying biomedical engineering. 

Scouting Lead - Surya Prakash     Class of 2024

BIO: I'm in my third year in robotics, I was introduced to robotics because of a presentation given to me at my middle school but stuck around because of my love for engineering. I want to go into biomedical engineering. In my free time I enjoy playing spiderman on my PS4 and working out.