2019 Off-Season

2019 Off-Season Activities

Sept 21- B.O.B. (Battle of Baltimore)

Dec 4- Bushy Park STEM Night

Dec 14- Bunny Bot Comp.

Robot Mural

Mr. Dustcollector is a mural right outside the shop. the team thought the mechanism looked like a robot, so in fall 2019, Jena Ialongo decided to paint it. A good number of new members were recruited during the time Mr. Dustcollector was being painted and this was a good opportunity to get involved. A few members joined Jena in painting during meetings. Once Mr. Dustcollector was finished, a good number of the new members decided to get involved with the Homecoming float. Mr. Dustcollector was the project that eventually formed the 888 art team.

Bunny Bots

During the 2019 off-season, the team participated in a competition known as 'Bunny Bots'. The goal was to build a robot that could pick up and fire plastic balls at different targets. The event was held at Montgomery -Blair High School.