The Game

This year, First is teaming up with Star Wars to bring the Infinite Recharge Competition for 2020.

For the 2020 game, Teams will have to charge FIRST City's Shield Generator by scoring Power Cells in designated goals. After scoring a set number of Power Cells, teams must interact with a colored wheel, either spinning the wheel a set number of spins, or setting the wheel to the correct color. Afterwards, near the end of the game, teams must balance on a metal rod hanging in the middle of the map, with a level bar giving them the most points.



For those wondering, we translated the red text on the blimp to "Threat Detected", the yellow lettering on the building to "First City" and the blue text above the blast door to "Authorized Personnel Only".


This year, FIRST has decided to team up with RISE, a Star Wars sponsored initiative by Disney.

Important Dates

1st Competition- March 6-8 in Bethesda, MD

2nd Competition- March 13-15 in Owings Mills, MD

District Competition- April 2-5 in Hampton, VA

Worlds Competition- April 29- May 2 in Detroit, MI

Game Release Animation

This animation provides a brief explanation of the game.