2017-09-26 - Handbook and Nominations

Post date: Sep 26, 2017 8:15:01 PM

Hello everyone, today we reviewed the competition from the past weekend and introduced the Robotiators Handbook. This is a collection of the standards for the robotics team. Everyone on the team needs to read through this for a mandatory meeting on Thursday starting at 2:15. This meeting will have a quick discussion and then elections for the positions described in the handbook. These elections involve nominations through a Slack channel that will be created in a few seconds. As stated in the handbook, people are nominated by themselves or other people, and they need to come on Thursday ready to give a 30 second or so speech dictating why they are interested/should be picked. You do not have to run for a position if you are nominated by someone else, but either way anyone who decides to run needs to go to the link below and take the google poll where they submit some information and a 200 word essay (can be similar to their speech). It is extremely important that everyone looks through the handbook and is prepared to vote/run for positions on Thursday. Thanks!

The Robotiators Handbook is located in the Resources Tab.

Here is the link for signing up for a position:


Nominations happen in the slack channel "positionnominations"