First Competition is Coming!

Post date: Mar 7, 2012 9:10:13 PM

To start things off, we have our first competition on Friday and Saturday, and we will be going tomorrow (Thursday) to set up our robot. All the students going on Thursday and Friday have all turned in their permission forms to Mr. Sheridan. All students planning to go on Saturday need to double check with Mr. Sheridan to make sure that their forms on the USFirst website are completed. There are many people who have not gotten parent e-signatures to allow them to attend the event.

Over the past week and a half, we have been driving the robot and practicing using it in a competition setup. However, we have a limited group of drivers, since for our second competition, which will be at the end of March and beginning of April, most of our team will be at the band competition down in Myrtle Beach. This means we only have four eligible drivers.

Here our a video of the drivers testing out the robot.