This Week's Update

Post date: Jan 26, 2012 9:04:50 PM

Over the past week we designed and constructed the backboard with the hoops, and began experimenting with the camera, testing its capabilities when recognizing the reflective tape. We were able to use our gyroscopes to keep the camera pointed in the same direction, even though we rotated the table that the camera was on. This will allow us to rotate our robot, but keep the camera aligned with the hoops that the robot will shoot at.

We also tested our launcher on the hoops to see how well it shot the foam basketballs. It worked well, although we did hit the ceiling and knocked out one of the ceiling tiles!

what does this do?

This is the test board for the camera and sonar that will be used to aim the launcher.

Parth grinding the tubing bender bracket.

Simon pulling back the slingshot to test if that is a viable alternative to a motorized launcher.